Virus Immunity Booster Stack


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Virus Immunity Booster Stack

Don’t wait until you get a virus to take action. Strengthen your body’s resistance to viruses with this powerful starter stack including Liposomal C, Organic Mushroom Magic Blend and our specially formulated viral fighting herbal mixture. It’s a great starting stack.

Liposomal C 500ml

The strongest and most absorbable vitamin c liquid on the market. Lipo-C has been showing great results out of China hospitals for prevention and treatment of patients. Take one tablespoon, once or twice daily.

Organic Mushroom Magic Blend 100g

Sol Organics Mushroom Magic is a blend of 6 of the world’s highest quality superfood mushrooms, each known for their unique health benefits. Mushrooms have been used in ancient herbal medicine traditions for centuries. Take in warm water once or twice daily.

Virus Immunity Booster Herbal Blend 500ml

A blend of five powerful immunity boosting, viral fighting herbals –  Elderberry, Echinacea, Reishi, Head Cold Blend, Vitality
Blend. Take 10ml once or twice daily.




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